Crochet Stitches. Symbols. Help

Crochet Stitches. Symbols. Help

Crochet Stitches. Symbols
Please take note dear readers, I noticed that the US and UK crochet terminology are different, but they still use the same terms to describe the different stitches. The crochet stitches that are compiled below are based on US crochet terms. 

The chain stitch is the basis for all crochet which is also called a foundation chain. 

The slip stitch is the flattest or smallest of all crochet stitches. You can use this stitch by slip-stitching the ends of a foundation chain to form a ring.
 The single crochet is the most fundamental of all stitches

The half double crochet is kind of an oddball stitch and its height is between a single crochet and a double crochet.
 The double crochet is one of the most common crochet stitches and is about twice as tall as a single crochet
 The triple crochet is also called a treble crochet, creates longer openings between the stitches. 

You can increase stitches by adding a stitch at the beginning of the row. 
inc sc: 
 inc dc:

You can decrease stitches, which is really just subtracting a stitch, in a row. 
dec sc

dec dc:
 Front post stitches are raised crochet stitches on the surface of the fabric facing you. 

Back post stitches appear to recede on the side of the crocheted fabric that's facing you. 

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